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Healthy Body
Healthy Soul
Healthy Spirit

Some of the ways we do it...

Group Retreats... Team Building... Life Discovery Seminars

From a leafy retreat centre to a church hall... a city-centre location to a walk in the great outdoors... or sitting around a campfire... or joining a boot camp... come away or join in with HHN as we discover your health horizon..

One to One Support

Through our network of professionals, HHN can offer 1-2-1 counselling, personal training, pastoral care & life coaching.


We are here for the long haul!
You can unsure your success from us via an annual subscription to keep you committed to achieving, maintaining your health. Encourage others to join you by signing up to their bright future at HHN.

Tailored Services...

HHN will work with you to ensure you, your group or organisation discover, achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced life including social, occupational, and economic...

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What our clients say

HHN has really made the difference in my life... I believed I couldn't do a sit up for years... on day one my life changed as I completed not just one, but 10 sit ups. 

Manchester, UK

Aaron, HHN, delivered a life altering well-being weekend called Streamline 2018 at Ashburnham Place, E Sussex. Each woman who came from my church have come away encouraged to keep going: body, soul and spirit. Can't wait for 2019!

London, UK

I had an amazing and inspirational weekend at Streamline 2019... I've come away feeling motivated due to the amount of encouragement and support from your team. I look forward to the next event! 

Angela Peart
London, UK

I'm just so amazed by the experience I had (at Streamline 2019) and can say I feel different, I actually feel really happy and joyful. Thanks HHN! 

Chanel Lyons
London, UK

Again, another great time at Streamline 2019! There is definitely a gap - in Christian circles and beyond that HHN can meet!  

Irma Thompson
London, UK

I highly recommend HHN's Life Discovery Seminar.  The November 2019 event in Manchester changed my perspective on living a healthy life... exercise can be FUN... Now in 2020,I am receiving one to one coaching.

Herfe Miller
Manchester, UK

We had a fantastic weekend at Streamline 2019... good workout and lots of fun!... a great time, spiritually. 

Audrey Pitter

Health Statistics...

Lifestyle-related Deaths:
heart disease, T2 diabetes, cancer, respiratory (smoking), Obesity 71%
Occupational Burnout:
Out of 7,500 44%
Mental health in UK
1 in 4 suffer anually 25%
Global Spirituality
worldwide religious/faith/spiritual 86%
Global Inactivity Level
insufficiently active adults 80%
  1. World Health Organisation 
  2.  Gallup 
  3. mind.org.uk 
  4. The Pew Research Center , The Global Religious Landscape
  5.  World Health Organisation 

About us

HHN has been in operation since 2016 as a PT business for founder Aaron Hornback.  Based upon his own journey to holistic health, he envisioned building a Christian Faith-based company which networked with professionals who have a passion to journey with people of all backgrounds and life experiences who want to achieve new horizons in their health. He has found from his personal experience and countless others the obstacles & challenges of living a well-balanced and fulfilled life.  HHN exists to bring encouragement and life-changing support which will help in 7 areas of health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, economic and occupational.

HHN's Latest

The Power of the Tongue and Nutrition
In the balance...
Inner Peace in a Restless World
How to Start Your Race...
Lifestyle Nutrition
Faith with a Workout

Upcoming Events...

Streamline 2020!

“Life in the Run or on the Run?”

Ashburnham Place




Ashburnham Place’s Student Programme

HHN will teach practical ways to take care of the human body – in part with their Creation segment! 

Teaching – BOOTCAMP – Interactive

Thursday 14th April, 2020

If you would like HHN to speak to a group of students you’re involved with, please get in touch! 

We will be at Kingdom Living Church in Staines, Greater London on Sunday, 16 April 2020. Come along to hear more about living an abundant life in your health and well-being!  For more information: go to www.klcstaines.co.uk

On Saturday, 9th of May 2020, Horizon Health Network will be at BCCherish’s women’s conference “Awakening Breath” at Bethany Church Elim, in Gatley!  Our founder, Aaron will be the one of the speakers!  You don’t want to miss out on this event! Contact Bethany Church for more details: bethany.uk


29th – 31st May 


…more details to come





We are excited to invite those living in #greatermanchester #manchester and the #northwest of England to our next Life Discovery Seminar in Manchester!

Everyone is a leader, yet does your leadership help or hinder your health and well-being?  Be empowered to see and activate your best you.  
9.00 Arrival/Registration.

9.30 Session 1: Who’s the Boss? – Aaron Hornback

10.00 Session 2: “You are the Leader of You” – Fiona Taylor

10.50 Break

11.10 Get Active (How can you come to a day like this and not get sweaty?? This is when the fun begins and is designed for everyone no matter your level of fitness, so please come with exercise attire and a sweat towel)

12.00 Lunch (purchasable lunch option via Eventbrite)

12.30 Knowledge is Power  – Aaron Hornback

13.30 Small Group Interactive

14.00 Break

14.15 Next Steps 

15.00 End


You can register via Eventbrite just search for Life Discovery Seminar in Manchester!

Please share with your friends, family, coworkers, social media peeps!

Take care &see you there!