HHN Calorie Guide

When it comes to meal plans, calorie counting can feel like a giant mountain to climb.  Below, you will find some useful information that will hopefully guide you in the process. 


When it comes to understanding portion size, the number one food source questioned is protien.  Many are dismayed at the answer because we live in a society that celebrates tasty meat! Or, we believe two things about protien: 1. our muscles need a lot. 2. Any access protein leaves the body whilst on the throne.  The truth is access protein doesn’t just exit the body, it is processed and stored as fat.  The other truth is, our body doesn’t require that much! 

A simple rule of thumb when it comes to measurement,  your body only needs what would fit in the palm of your hand (0ne hand, not two).  Calculation: you only need 0.75 grams per `1 kilo of body weight.  

Complex Carbohydrates:

Let’s face it, most people’s area of weakness is carbohydrates: breads, pastas, cereals, etc.  

Some people cut carbohydrates completely out of their diets thinking it is the best option to losing weight. The truth of the matter is our bodies need carbohydrates as they are the natural source of energy.  The issue is what kind of carbohydrates do we eat? 

Complex carbohydrates are the best sources to eat because of they take longer to digest, and they are a more stable source of energy because they release energy at a slower and natural pace then simple carbohydrates like white flour, white sugar, white rice.  Why? The beneficial nutrients have been taken out of simple carbohydrates. 

Here is a list of complex carbohydrates:


Let’s be honest.  If you could lose weight without vegetables, you would be overjoyed.  Reality check: Vegetables are the key to a healthy lifestyle – not just to lose weight.  Vegetables pack all the goodness found in the soil, water and sunshine around it! From vitamins to minerals, vegetables are the key ingredient in any healthy lifestyle!  

You can eat to your fill with vegetables and never feel guilty!  The greener the vegetable the better, too! They have more nutrients packed into them than any other vegetable.  So, here is a list of vegetables and their calorie count: 

More coming soon... fruit, good fats and snacks!